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*Title: I was born to be with you. PART 1

*Title: I was born to be with you.  part 1
*Author: Chichi333
*Pairing: TaeGoon-Wheesung
*Rating: NC 13
*Genre: romance, slash
Warning: It's my first time to post here and I always have troubles posting stuff on live_journal
, so go easy on me please.

'' Hi ! ''

-Morning Master Wheesung ...

-Oh Lord ... you're still calling me like that ? Enter !

-Thanks you ... , Tae Goon answers removing his shoes. He felt so weird. Yes ! Today was the day ... he wanted to confess and nothing was gonna stops him ...

he was hoping for a ... not a yes but he knew that Wheesung would understood his feelings even if he would not feel the same way.

'' It's a do or die ... ''.

- When I asked you to come this morning ... I was thinking like 10 am.

-Sorry ... I thought ...

-It's ok ! It's ''only'' 6 AM , Wheesung said laughing. Are you hungry ? I'll make you a good breakfast.

-No ... you should go back to sleep , I 'll wait for you.

-No ... it's ok ... actually I couldn't fall asleep ...

-Why ?  Something wrong ?

-Not really ! Let's go eat first !


Later they practiced his new songs in Wheesung home studio in the basement , it was already 11 AM.

-I am so proud of you Tae Goon ... you really improved since the last time we practiced ... like 2 months ago ?

-2 months and ... 1 week.

-Yeah ... I'm speechless ! good job !

-Thanks to you ... without you , I would have never been able to make it ... you know my history and ... bad experiences ...thanks you.

-tae Goon , from day 1 I told you that you were special. You're not like the others. You're really talented and you're a hardworker. Just keep the faith,
believe in you and work hard. You were born to perform. Don't forget that.

-I will remember.

-Just one thing ... you lost weight ... again. Do you eat ?

- ... yeah ... I do ...

-tae Goon ! I m serious ! I know the pressure you have but you need to eat properly , it s really important.

-They told me that I should loose some ... so I eat ... twice a week only.

-are you kidding me ?

-No ... I ... sorry ! Tae Goon felt so bad and stressed out , he felt sick dissapointing Wheesung.

-Listen ... you dance alot , you need to be strong to perform , you need vitamines , calcium ... you need to eat and sleep.
Just looking at the bags under yours eyes , I can tell that you don't sleep more than 5 hours every day.

-I am sorry !

-Ok ! Call MR Park.

-My manager ?

-Yes ! I'm gonna have a word with him ... I don't like what they're trying to do with you. And it's gonna stop. Hurry ! Call !

-Yes ... , Nervously he grabs his phone from his pocket , sat on a sofa, only furniture in the studio ,  and call.

Wheesung was looking at him , standing in front of him and he seems really upset.

'' Mr Park , sorry to disturb you. I am with master Wheesung and he wants to talk to you ... yes . hold on , he's right there ... ''

Wheesung grabs the phone he was holding to him and start to talk , walking to another room.

'' He's probably mad at me ... '' He fell asleep on the sofa ,  thinking of that.


When he wokes up , he felt a blanket on his body , he likes the smell ... it was his master smell. He kept his eyes close.

'' I'm too tired to get up ... shit ! '' He thought.

Sundely , he heards a noise . Someone walking in the room. Sitting on the sofa next to him ... a skin against his ... a hand ... fingers gently  caressing
his hairs ... then , lips on his cheek ... a soft kiss ...

Tae Goon felt so secure , happy , relax ... he felt good ... as long Wheesung still by his side, he knew he'll be okay.


Wheesung was still in the studio , working on his PC , earphones on ...

'' This guy cannot sing for shit ! Can't believe I've been teaching him for more than a year ! Why everybody isn't like Tae Goon ? ''

- Master ...

-Huh ! Tae Goon's voice made him jumped off from his chair.

-am I disturbing you ?

-No ... how do you feel ?

-I'm fine ! Sorry If I fell asleep like that .

-I am happy that you slept.  I spoke to Mr Park.

-What did he says ?

-I told him that him and his team shouldn't treat you like a ''toy'' ... by not letting you getting enough sleep or eating something. From now on , I'll be

in charge of your nutrition , plus I'll assist you dance-vocals coach ... just to make sure ... we don't loose you.

-What do you mean ?

-tae Goon ... as a rookie you have no idea how the stress can kill ... or conduct people to commits acts such as ... the suicide ... after the release of

your first mini cd , you went through a depression ... I will not let such a thing happening again.

-Thank you ! I ... don't know what to say ... I'm trying to be strong ... I'm trying really hard.

-I know you do ! But you have to know how to take care of yourself. Not eating or make yourself throw up ... it's not the way to do it !

-I didn't realise what I was doing !

-It's ok ! Wheesung stoods up facing the young boy.

-Master Wheesung ... I feel bad because I have nothing to give you in return ... I cannot accept everything you're doing to help me.

-I'm the '' master '' right ? Then I'm the one who should decide ! He smiles at Tae Goon.the young boy turns more red than a tomatoe

'' Oh Gosh ... how am I gonna tell him that I have feelings for him ... ? ''


to be continued ... it's gonna be hot !
Tags: genre: romance, pairing: taegoon/wheesung
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