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Rising Star: The Place for Taegoon Fanfictions

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to tg_risingstar, the place for Taegoon fanfiction! Read/Write as many fanfictions as you want about our Rising Star, Kim Taegoon


1. Please make sure you LJ-CUT your fanfiction entries! Don't know how to? Click on the image BEFORE the table and a pop up message would come up asking for your cut's title. Type that in and simply start typing your content in the 'highlighted' box supplied.

2. This place is for FANFICTIONS only. You can post up your Taegoon graphics at taegoon_graphix and Taegoon pictures/news can be posted up at the main Taegoon community, callme_callme

3. All NC-17/R rated fanfictions MUST be locked within 2 days!

4. No arguments/flaming each other! If you want to give critism, make sure it's one that will help.

5. No Plagiarism! All work posted must be yours or you must have permission to post it.

6. Do not change the default font, size and color.

7. Please Tag your work accordingly!

8. Any banners larger than 300 x 100 must be lj-cut.

9. Absolutely NO advertising is allowed here.

10. Please check communityy archive before you make a request.

Thank you for reading! Please follow all the rules so that the community can run smoothly!
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